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General Information

What if English isn’t my first language?

Then we are excited for you to improve on your current English abilities! You will be a welcome addition to the international community on board. Every year, we have a multitude of non-native English speakers as part of our community, including many of our crew. However, you will need a certain English level to be successful as all classes are taught in English, and it is the community language.

How much spending money does my child need?

Students will need spending money to cover approximately 50 optional meals (taken at their discretion during shore leave as all meals are provided, but most students want to spend shore leave at restaurants), SIM cards and data usage, postage, souvenirs, and gifts. A specific amount is hard to determine as it varies significantly from student to student. Please see practical information for more details.

How many crew members and faculty are onboard the Sørlandet?

There are typically around 18-20 crew members aboard: 10-12 maritime crew members and 7-8 academic crew members. The maritime crew rotates approximately every 4-6 weeks. The deans (Dean of School and Dean of Students) rotate about every academic quarter, with one working on-ship and one working from land. The Ship Medic and teachers remain onboard the entire year. Onshore, a team consists of the Head of School, land-based Dean, and the Admissions team.

What are the ages of students who attend A+ World Academy?

Due to the demands of life on board, students should be between 16-19 years of age.

What kind of student is A+ World Academy looking for?

At A+ World Academy, we are looking for motivated and mature students who are excited to grow and develop by exploring the world and experiencing different cultures and perspectives. In addition to being open-minded, hard-working, and team-oriented, students should be academically strong in order to meet the demands of our rigorous curriculum. As an English-speaking community, students need to come with a strong level of English and a desire to improve their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.

Does A+ World Academy offer a diverse student community?

Yes, our students come from all around the world. Typically, the largest nationality is Norwegian, but we’ve had students from Austria, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Estonia, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Mexico, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and the USA.

Do you need sailing experience?

No, you do not need any sailing experience to be accepted into the A+ World Academy program, only a desire to learn and a strong work ethic.

Admission and Application Process

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Academic and School Life

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Life in Port

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Life Onboard

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