Our Mission

To ensure our students a unique educational program that best positions them to be global citizens and leaders for the 21st century. While creating strong academic achievement in our students, A+ World Academy focuses on developing the whole student, not just academics. Our program is rigorous, exhausting and amazing.

What makes a+

Classes at Sea

Regular instruction takes place in several classroom locations: port and starboard banjer and two smaller classrooms called nooks. Most of our classes are held at sea, though some take place in port as well.

Student Support

In our boarding school environment, where students and teachers live and work together, they build close connections on both a personal and academic level around the clock.

Learning Environment

One of the biggest challenges of attending a high school on a tall ship is that each student will need to balance school work with maritime responsibilities as well as time to enjoy the experience.

What we


Our students follow a rigorous academic program based on a selection of Advanced Placement courses or standard secondary courses. Care is taken to ensure that students’ course selection aligns with their career and academic goals.


The Advanced Placement (AP®) Capstone Diploma program is an international diploma that rivals the IB program. To earn a Capstone Diploma, students must score a three or higher on four AP® exams of their choice plus complete an AP® Seminar course during their Junior year.

High School at Sea

Students will need to balance their ship duties with their school life. This is a difficult lesson in time-management and students will have days with only 1 or 2 hours of ‘free time’.


Our course offerings do change each year as faculty changes and is subject to change according to student enrollment; however, all subject areas will offer at least two class choices per year.

Core Courses*

Maritime Training

Self, System, and Society (S3)

AP® WE Service Learning

English Literature

PreAP® English 1

PreAP® English 2

AP® English Literature and Composition

Social Sciences

PreAP® World History & Geography

AP® Psychology
AP® Human Geography


PreAP® Geometry with Statistics

Algebra II


AP® Calculus AB

Natural Sciences

PreAP® Biology

AP® Physics 1

AP® Environmental Science


Spanish I

Spanish II
(placement test required)

AP® Spanish Language and Culture

Capstone Program

AP Seminar

* Is to be taken by all students